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12 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello – my son has all the symptoms of R-CPD and we live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Is there a Dr here you can refer us to – he is miserable with his inability to burp and it is disrupting his life.

  2. Please contact me to discuss #1 , after I had covid and thyroid lobectomy in 7.2020 I feel as if I have constant mucus in the back of my throat that will never clear up .

    • Dr. Bastian’s Laryngopedia office and his colleagues’ patient care offices (Bastian Voice Institute) are both in the western suburbs of Chicago. Specifically, in Downers Grove.

  3. First, I want to say, thank you. Every Dr i have seen has thought I was crazy. One even told me to deal with it. I have told several Dr’s about you & botox, the Dr who told me to deal with it, shunned me from his entire building & several others. Its been a crazy journey. Do thank you Dr Bastian for listening & educating & helping. Its an embarrassing condition.
    Second, are there any Dr’s in California who are practising botox as a treatment? I have been through test after test even though I know what it is. I just want my life back.
    I saw my dr today & he finally agreed to send me to a specialist. I showed him your website… he’s still septic all & doesn’t believe this is my issue. He was actually going to ask me if I can put up with it. He said, would you rather have a procedure or just be uncomfortable. It’s not “just uncomfortable”. Unless you have to live like this, you can’t possibly understand. That is why I am so excited to have found you Dr Bastian. Thank you for believing us.
    Thank You
    Rachel Pettersen

    • Rachel,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! It is always a pleasure to hear from people like you that have benefitted from our research and studies!

  4. Hello, i feel some amazed that ive recently just found you research. ive been suffering with not being able to burp for as long as i can remember. no doctor took it seriously some even found it funny. but its both painful and embarrassing and i feel that i cannot support it anymore. i live in the middle east and i highly doubt that if i show your research and the effect of Botox that anyone will take it seriously and i highly doubt that any doctor is practicing this method in Lebanon.
    i just feel that its a step forward to actually know that this case exists and it can be solved

  5. Our 16 year old son has been having digestive problems for the last few years including reflux and “airiness”—not just bloating, which he does have sometimes but a fullness of air feeling in his chest. We’ve now discovered he can not burp. We can hear air moving up in his chest sometimes but he can’t burp it out like normal. We are concerned that this could be at least contributing to his symptoms and the fact they are becoming more constant. He now says he is getting a lump or clogged feeling in his lower throat. He says he can swallow fine. We looked up on the internet about not being able to burp, and found your site. Are there any other doctors you know of and recommend in the United States, closer to or in Missouri, that try to help patients with not being able to burp?
    We have tried numerous things (nothing invasive yet, more natural approach) to try and heal him from his symptoms, and he is trying the shaker exercises and the cricoid massage now, but we are concerned that he is getting worse. I’ve heard that you do a scope of the esophagus to confirm the R-CPD. We are wondering if our son could also have a hiatal hernia or some other stomach problem. So should he have an endoscopy all the way to his small intestine, and if so could one scope be done for all of it—the R-CPD and the stomach/small intestine—at one time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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