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Mission Statement

To educate about voice, swallowing, airway, coughing, and other head and neck disorders, in order to help people work more effectively with their personal physicians.


Users of Laryngopedia’s website and/or materials agree that information provided here does not constitute medical consultation or treatment. They agree additionally that no relationship or responsibility is created on Laryngopedia’s part other than to deliver its copyrighted educational materials as a public service. Use of Laryngopedia’s website and/or materials signifies agreement with this disclaimer and the other components of our Terms of Use. Persons who do not agree must refrain from using this site or its materials.

Terms of Use

Users of Laryngopedia’s website and / or copied images, videos, or other materials voluntarily agree to the following binding stipulations:

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    2. Users understand that neither accessing this site, nor use of Laryngopedia materials, nor review of Laryngopedia information with a personal physician, establishes any initial or ongoing relationship with personnel of Laryngopedia. Laryngopedia cannot respond to emails or blog posts except at the sole discretion of Laryngopedia personnel and as time permits.

    3. Bastian Voice Institute and Laryngopedia are separate corporate and legal entities, with different missions.

    4. These Terms of Use may be changed without notice, and Laryngopedia users are assumed to have reviewed Terms of Use each time they access www.laryngopedia.com or its content.

    5. We can only respond to questions about technical difficulty that are submitted electronically via the Contact Us page. We will attempt to respond within 5 business days, but this response time cannot be guaranteed.

    6. This site and its materials are designed for national and international use, and does not intend to solicit business for Bastian Voice Institute, which includes a medical practice in Downers Grove, Illinois.

    7. Transactions that take place between an individual and Laryngopedia are electronic and dependent upon computer hardware, software, hosting services, electricity supply issues, backup systems, and so forth. Due to the ever-present possibility of interception/ corruption and even criminal use of an internet environment, Laryngopedia does not provide warranty or take responsibility for any of these components of electronic transaction, nor does it warrant against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other malicious code.

    8. Laryngopedia retains at its sole discretion the right to discontinue its services at any time.

    9. All Laryngopedia materials are intended to be used freely, including by copying and pasting as long as the Laryngopedia watermark is preserved. At the same time, they are copyrighted and the exclusive property of Laryngopedia. Commercial and/ or public use, including by re-broadcast, is prohibited by law, unless permission is granted in advance by Laryngopedia.

Instructions for Downloading Photos/Videos

For Photos:

  1. Right click on the image
  2. “Save image as…” OR “Copy image…”
  3. Insert into presentation software, word processing document as needed.


For Videos:

  1. Click on “Vimeo” in the bottom right corner of the video.
  2. Below video description click “download”.
  3. Insert into presentation software, word processing document as needed.

Request for Assistance

Request for assistance applies only to technical difficulty encountered with accessing or downloading copyrighted educational materials of Laryngopedia. Please read our Terms of Use before contacting us. For requests, send an email to Info@laryngopedia.com, with the following pieces of information:

  1. Your name
  2. Date of your query
  3. Email address to which you would like us to respond
  4. The nature of the technical difficulty you have encountered