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Photos captured by a Videoendoscopic swallowing study (VESS) of vocal cords, the larynx, papillomas, polyps, and more.


High definition recordings of the vocal cords and airway, breathing, swallowing, and other functions in the larynx.


Clinical observations, anecdotes, case series, and conceptual frameworks discussed for further exploration.

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Sound recordings of vocal exercises, voice disorders, and pre- and post- surgical adjustments to the vocal cords.

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Journal Articles by Dr. Bastian

Babies Who Cannot Burp, and Still Cannot as Adults.

Babies who cannot burp are in terrible misery. So are their parents. The explanation for why may be found in the story of adults who had this kind of trouble in their infancy—trouble that has continued into adulthood. Adults with a lifelong inability to burp were recently diagnosed with retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction, or R- CPD.…

Can’t Burp? Here Are the Symptoms of R-CPD

There is a group of people whose inability to burp causes severe daily distress. They are left without a solution (or even explanation) in spite of many doctor visits. Recently a major cause of inability to burp, retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction (R-CPD) has been codified for diagnosis and treatment.*

Still Coughing After COVID-19?

Among those stricken by COVID-19 are those experiencing a lingering cough. Especially early on, this cough may be continuing to clear secretions that accompany resolving lung inflammation. But for some this cough is no longer solving a problem but IS the problem.

The Gasping Syndrome

Patient has an abrupt sense of smothering or gasping. This can last a few seconds or several hours, and can occur almost weekly. He or she responds by taking a deep breath, but there is no relief and the sensation remains.

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