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Babies Who Cannot Burp, and Still Cannot as Adults. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: My Baby Can’t Burp! This May Explain Why (   The big picture Babies who cannot burp are in terrible misery. So are their parents. While the child struggles with daily colic, … Continue reading

Can’t Burp? Here Are the Symptoms of R-CPD In One Place

Robert W. Bastian M.D. There is a group of people whose inability to burp causes severe daily distress. They are left without a solution (or even explanation) in spite of many doctor visits. Recently a major cause of inability to … Continue reading

Still Coughing After COVID-19?

Covid-19 has intruded into our lives in innumerable ways. Worst of all for some, is that they contracted the virus. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Still Coughing After COVID? | Sensory Neuropathic Cough (SNC) (   Among … Continue reading

The Gasping Syndrome

Patient has an abrupt sense of smothering or gasping. This can last a few seconds or several hours, and can occur almost weekly. He or she responds by taking a deep breath, but there is no relief and the sensation remains. Continue reading

Cricopharyngeus Spasm and What to Do About It

By Robert W. Bastian, MD can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Cricopharyngeal Spasm: A Troubling Feeling of a Lump in the Throat (   The information found below is a Q&A supplement to a teaching video on cricopharyngeus … Continue reading

Swelling Checks to Detect Vibratory (Overuse) Injury to the Surface Tissue (Mucosa) of the Vocal Cords

Definition: Vocal tasks (swelling checks) that detect acute or chronic vocal fold mucosal injury reliably; Secondarily, they can also detect gaps between otherwise normal folds. Purpose /rationale: To provide persons with a way to detect mucosal trouble for themselves. We are in … Continue reading

How Do You Choke? Let Me Count the Ways…

By Robert W. Bastian, MD Four examples of how the term “choking” can mean different things When asked the reason he was calling for an appointment, a middle-aged man offered that he was “choking.” Staff not unreasonably marked on his … Continue reading

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