Video Conversation

Dr. Bastian has set aside a time each week for video conversations as described below. This is to be viewed as a teaching and strategizing opportunity, and not as a source of official medical advice since he cannot establish a true doctor-patient relationship in this format, especially with persons from outside of the United States.

If interested, email your request to  We will help you with the following simple steps to arrange a Zoom video-conversation.

  1. Schedule a Central Standard Time (CST) “appointment.”
  2. Fill out a simple questionnaire in order to get your best value from your conversation with Dr. Bastian.
  3. Follow instructions for return of questionnaire, a simple consent, and payment via PayPal.
  4. Receive a Zoom link the day of your conversation that will initiate the interaction at the time arranged.
  5. Engage in a Zoom conversation and teaching session aimed at helping you understand your problem better and to work more effectively with your personal physician.

For more information on Dr. Bastian, click here to view Bastian Voice Institute.

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