What Is Laryngopedia?

An encyclopedia about voice, swallowing, airway, coughing, and other head and neck disorders in order to help people work more effectively with their personal physicians.

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Robert W. Bastian

Where have we helped patients?

Laryngopedia was launched in 2012 by Robert W. Bastian, M.D., a board-certified otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat physician) who has practiced laryngology exclusively since 1987. Dr. Bastian spent 20 years in academic medicine, at Washington University-St. Louis and then at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois. Now, with the help of carefully selected clinicians and staff, he operates Bastian Voice Institute, an independent institute devoted to efficient and cost-effective diagnosis and treatment of voice, swallowing, upper airway, and cough.

Dr. Bastian is an internationally recognized authority in the treatment of voice, airway, swallowing, and coughing disorders, having been invited to teach in university and professional society contexts in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Turkey. He has been listed for several years by Chicago magazine as one of “Chicago’s Top Doctors,” and by Castle-Connolly as one of “America’s Top Doctors.” He is also the recipient of the Honor Award for teaching contributions to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, as well as, in 2010, the Distinguished Service Award.

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Laryngopedia is first and foremost a tool to help educate people around the world about the voice, swallowing, airway, or coughing disorders with which they may be struggling.

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Secondly, Laryngopedia is also designed to be a clear, thorough, and visually rich reference on disorders of the larynx for anyone who is interested, whether layperson or practicing physician. (No one should consider our website to be a source of or substitute for medical advice; see our Terms of Use.) In particular, it is our aim to be the premier online resource for photographs and video clips of the larynx, throat, upper airways, and disorders thereof.

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Laryngopedia is a public service website. All of the content on our website is free of charge. We hope you find it helpful!

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Dr. Robert Bastian operates a specialty ENT practice in the Chicagoland area since 2003. Along with Dr. Brent E. Richardson and Dr. Rebecca C. Hoesli, Bastian Voice Institute continues to serve thousands of patients worldwide.

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