Below are links to the various categories of voice and larynx disorders featured in our multimedia encyclopedia.

Vocal cord vibratory injuries

Common disorders that affect the voice are vibration-induced lesions, or injuries, of the surface layer of the vocal cords, called mucosa. This kind of injury usually happens when a person overuses or abuses his or her voice.

Other benign mucosal lesions

These are benign lesions or conditions that occur in the larynx but, unlike vocal cord injuries, usually without correlation to voice use.


Laryngitis is a general term for inflammation of the larynx. There are different variants and causes.

Surgical results: before and after

Displays before and after photos from various procedures.


Benign and malignant tumors.


Disorders of the nervous system (neurological) can affect the voice in different ways.

Nonorganic & functional

Disorders that arise not from abnormality of the mechanism itself but instead from abnormal use of the mechanism.


Other kinds of voice and larynx disorders.