Saccular Cyst

A closed sac originating from a formerly open and functioning laryngeal saccule. An analogy for a saccular cyst is a velvet bag used to hold coins which has its opening cinched shut by a drawstring. The mouth of the saccule becomes blocked, and mucus secreted within the saccule cannot escape through the normal opening in the anterior ventricle. This closed sac gradually expands, causing the false cord and aryepiglottic cord to bulge; the sac can further expand over the top of the thyroid cartilage and into the neck.


Lateral saccular cyst, external approach: Series of 1 photo

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Lateral saccular cyst external approach

Lateral saccular cyst, external approach (1 of 1)

The hemostat in the lower photo points to the upper part of the thyroid cartilage. The neck of the sack is being followed over the top of the cartilage and between the thyroid cartilage and soft tissue, to its origin at the ventricle.