A fossa (Latin for “trench”) between the true and false vocal folds, running in an anteriorposterior direction. The laryngeal ventricle is bounded laterally by a mucus membrane, beyond which is the inner surface of the thyroid cartilage. At the anterior end of the ventricle is the opening of the laryngeal saccule (or laryngeal “appendix”).

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True and false vocal cords (1 of 4)

Looking directly at true and false cords of a larynx model (marked with T and F). The ventricle is the "trench" between them.

Ventricle (2 of 4)

With pointer indicating the ventricle.

Ventricle during voicing (3 of 4)

Pointing to the entrance of the ventricle during voicing. The dotted line indicates the hidden extent of the ventricle.

Ventricle during breathing (4 of 4)

Indicating the entrance to the ventricle during breathing.