Vocal overdoer syndrome

Vocal overdoer syndrome is a term coined by Dr. Anat Keidar and Dr. Bastian1 to designate an individual whose amount and manner of voice use can be considered excessive and to thereby put the person at risk of mucosal injury. Typically, the vocal overdoer syndrome comprises two parts: 1) innate talkativeness; 2) a life circumstance (occupation, performance, family, hobby, social) that permits, invites, or demands much voice use.



Nodules and Other Vocal Cord Injuries: How They Occur and Can Be Treated
This video explains how nodules and other vocal cord injuries occur: by excessive vibration of the vocal cords, which happens with vocal overuse. Having laid that foundational understanding, the video goes on to explore the roles of treatment options like voice therapy and vocal cord microsurgery.

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