Flaccidity of the Vocal Cords

Vocal cord flaccidity correlates to some degree with atrophy of the muscle comprising them. Bowing also accompanies flaccidity most of the time. It is possible to have bowed/slender vocal cords that are not particularly flaccid—they still vibrate with good firmness and resilience. Similarly, vocal cords that appear to have good bulk (and are not atrophied) can nevertheless have a flaccid vibratory pattern. Photos below show the visual findings of flaccidity as distinct from bowing and atrophy. Voice manifestations of flaccid vocal cords are similar to bowing in cases such as:

  • Loss of “edge”
  • Reduced ability to be heard in noisy places
  • Reduced vocal endurance (The voice becomes fuzzier or raspier and more air-wasting as the day progresses and the atrophied muscles tire).

Voice Building:

Voice Building (shorter version):