Commensal refers to an organism that lives within a host and derives benefit from so doing without either harming or helping the host – in a sense, an organism that is a harmless freeloader. An example is candida albicans, which can cause candida laryngitis.

Candida laryngitis, before and after treatment

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Candida laryngitis (1 of 4)

Severe laryngeal candidiasis, in a person using inhaled steroids at high dose. Standard light.

Candida laryngitis (2 of 4)

Closer view shows more clearly not only the white areas, but also surrounding inflammation. Standard light.

Candida laryngitis, 15 days after starting treatment (3 of 4)

After 15 days of oral fluconazole. Obvious improvement, but incomplete resolution of tissue changes.

Candida laryngitis, several months later (4 of 4)

After longer-term fluconazole, along with reduction of inhaled steroid dose, complete resolution. Strobe light, closed phase of vibration at high vocal pitch.